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Client Testimonials
Commercial and Residential Pest Control in Georgia; serving the counties of Cobb, Douglas, Paulding, Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Henry, Gwinnett and more....

Below are testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.
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January 15, 2014

Re: Self-Defense Pest Control

Self Defense Pest Control is the BEST!! Mr. Ray Burke is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is professional and works quickly yet is very thorough.  READ MORE......RE    

Cynthia Lomax, DC

October 17, 2013

To: Everyone seeking Pest Control Services

I am writing this letter with a heart of gratefulness for an outstanding job done by Mr. Raymond Burke. Mr. Burke was very professional and personable before, during and upon completion of the job. His knowledge of the pests that were in my home, along with his ability to inform each member of my family on how to combat the problem, was very comforting.     Read more....

Kathy; Hiram, Georgia


Thank you Mr. Burke for coming out and taking care of my pest control needs. I found your customer service to be exemplary and your knowledge of what needed to be done extraordinary. I felt so safe with you in and around my home. I could feel the the presence of peace in your countenance. You have made me feel that I can truly trust you and depend on you to take care of my home needs.  Read more...

Sher; Temple, Georgia

 To whom it may concern:

Raymond Burke has been servicing our apartment buildings for over a year. During that time we have noticed a sinificant reduction of complaints from our tenants. In fact, we have received tremendous compliments on behalf of Mr. Burke's efforts in eradicating the pests, particularly from our more "infested" units.   READ MORE.....

Margaret Spencer, Manager of Windwoods Apartments

 To whom it may concern:

As a business owner and homeowner, I cannot fully express my gratitude for finding Raymond Burke of Self Defense Pest Control. He is thorough, takes care to explain his plan of attack and defense of pests and he doesn't charge out the nose to take care of his customers! Raymond has been exterminating my office for the past year and we are more than happy with his services. As soon as I had a problem pop up at my house, I did not hesitate to call Raymond.   READ MORE....

Jennifer M. Miller, Harbin & Miller, LLC

To whom it may concern:

We are currently customers of Raymond Burke, Self Defense Pest Control. Mr. Burke personally visits our facility on a quarterly basis and completes a thorough inspection to ensure that the faciltiy is well maintained of avoiding pest control problems. He frequently contacts the facility to follow-up with the status of pest control concerns. We are very pleased with the immmediate and prompt response with Self Defense Pest Control.    READ MORE...

Syltoria McDowell, LMSW, Mableton Dialysis

Dear Mr. Burke,

This letter comes to express my appreciation to you for the excellent job you did for me. I was so distressed with all of the tobacco bugs (that's what you said they were called), for I had never seen anything like that before and they had taken over my kitchen cabinets. You identified the problem, threw out the packages that were infested with the bugs and immediately began to treat the area.   READ MORE.....

Jewel, Lithonia, GA

 To whom it may concern,

Self Defense Pest Control has been servicing my restaurant since August, 2010. I have gone through many pest control companies and they could not solve my problem.

Mr. Raymond has done a very good job finding my problem and showing me my trouble spots.

Ben Azu, Owner of Golden Dragon

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jim Dunn and I highly recommend Raymond Burke of Self Defense Pest Control .

In the beginning, we were having a problem with roaches, so we called the "exterminator".

Raymond has been caring for our home for about two years and has kept us pest free. We recently had seen very small ants in our home. (Raymond can tell you the name of them) After two treatments, we haven't seen anymore of them. Thanks, Raymond! We are bug free again!   READ MORE....

Jim and Jean, Douglasville, GA

To whom this may concern,

I have known Raymond Burke for the past three years as he has provided excellent pest control for my home. Mr Burke provided consistent, quality care and treated my property as though he was treating his own home. He always took the extra time to explain things to me and my husband and went above and beyond what the minimal quarterly visits suggested.     READ MORE.....

Grace, Marietta, GA

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