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Self Defense Pest Control - Residential and Commercial
Commercial and Residential Pest Control in Georgia; serving the counties of Cobb, Douglas, Paulding, Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Henry, Gwinnett and more....


With over 28 years in the pest control industry, servicing both commercial and residential establishments, Raymond Burke, owner of Self Defense Pest Control, promises you qualtiy customer care. We are here to listen to YOUR needs and to serve YOU. Remember, your best defense ... is SELF DEFENSE!


Self Defense Pest Control enjoys protecting commercial establishments and private homes in keeping a bug-free environment. Our services include protection from the following types of bugs:


Roaches (all categories) Bees, Wasps, Hornets 
Flies (due to sanitation)  Crickets
Ants Scorpions
Spiders Rats & Mice
Silverfish Fire Ants
Millipedes Bed Bugs
Centipedes Yellow Jackets
Stink Bugs  Fleas
Stored Pest Products  


 We offer a free 7 day follow up after the initial treatment, all at no extra cost!


What separates us from other pest control companies is the fact that we stand by the four Ps in terms of protection:
People, Property, Pets and Plants



People today are concerned about health and the environment i the use of chemical application and exposure. In residential homes, some people may have allergies or respiratory problems. There may be elderly people or small children in the home. In commercial establishments and businesses, employees have allergies as well, and are sensitive to certain smells. So there is a reason for concern. Our products are safe, odorless and safe for the environment.


For commercial and residential properties, pests invade your establishmetn or home from the outside in. Therefore, you must have a defensive barrier to PREVENT them from entering your place of business or home. We provide that barrier on the ouside so we potentially do not have to come inside on a regular basis.



Pets are family too. There have been homes where owners were very concerned about their pets coming in contact with any chemicals. We encourage owners to keep their pets inside the home or in the garage for a minimum of two hours after application, even though the products are safe and will not harm your pets.



Self Defense Pest Control is conscious of landscaping around commercial businesses, as well as gardens and flowers in residential areas. Management and homeowners alike can be assured of the strong awareness we have for their landscape decor.


Self Defense Pest Control will use products and/or green products that are safe for the environment.


 Another specialty of Self Defense Pest Control is the principle of Integrated Pest Management. Through IPM we educate the client by getting you involved in the scope of service to help maintain effective results….We call it "partnership for awareness". This is vital. You are the eyes and ears of your establishment or home; where you work or where you live. We believe in establishing relationships. And through relationships, we become a partnership in a team effort to control pests.



When bugs attack your best defense is…Self Defense Pest Control!



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